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Ida for Partners


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Ida for Partners

With a 60% increase in agriculture efficiency required by 2050*, and changing consumer demand for food, agriculture enterprises are looking for new ways to improve efficiency.

Agriculture companies now require a solution to measure sustainability metrics, improve their supplier (farmer) productivity while at the same time increasing production.

Using state of the art, deep-learning and machine learning models, Ida for Partners combined real time sensor data and farm data to create insights for enterprises to manage, monitor and predict farm output and sustainability metrics.

Ida for partners has demonstrated that with Ida, farms can increase productivity and Ida for Partners delivers predictive metrics on sustainability, production and efficiency that results in cost savings for food and agriculture processing companies.

Ida for partners provides enterprises in the agriculture industry*:

1. Real time information on farms including dairy cow behavior
2. Processed insights such as animal welfare and sustainability metrics.
3. API's to connect with other systems such as ERP and supply chain systems for building farm to fork solutions.
4. Ability to build your own machine learning models based on data collected by the Ida for Farmer's service.