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Transform cloud traffic into evidence to stay ahead of ever-changing attacks.

Transform cloud traffic into evidence to stay ahead of ever-changing attacks.
Attacks evolve. Adversaries get in. How do you respond? With a data-first strategy, built on evidence.

The Corelight Cloud Sensor for Azure transforms cloud traffic into comprehensive, correlated evidence that helps you see and understand your network completely. It closes visibility gaps and opens up new possibilities for analytics in Microsoft Sentinel and other solutions. Corelight evidence allows you to investigate faster and hunt like an expert — and even disrupt future attacks.

Designed specifically for security needs, the Corelight Cloud Sensor for Azure delivers high-fidelity data for incident response, intrusion detection, and forensics. It parses dozens of network protocols for a rich, actionable picture of traffic, empowering security analysts to quickly make sense of traffic and respond to attacks.

  • Network detection and response (NDR) for Azure workloads
  • Quick configuration
  • Automatic updates
  • Health and performance monitoring
  • Zeek evidence integrated with Suricata alerts

Traffic monitoring and detection
Comprehensive traffic logging for 35+ network protocols, the Core Collection and Encrypted Traffic Collection of Zeek packages, support for the Zeek Intelligence framework, and custom Zeek packages

Supported platforms
Deploys in Azure Ds v3 series (D8s to D64s instances)

Monitoring interface
Monitor via packet-forwarding agents

Minimalist, custom OS based on the Linux kernel optimized for secure operation

Zeek log export to Kafka, Splunk, Elastic Search, syslog, Amazon S3, and SFTP

Automatic updates and feature enhancements

World-class support from the definitive Zeek experts. Standard-level support plan included, support programs available.

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