OutBoard DataTiering

Datavard AG

100% SAP® embedded and certified and the only solution that does not require any external storage.

Datavard OutBoard™ is a comprehensive suite to help you manage your complete data lifecycle and keep your SAP data growth under control. 

OutBoard™ is comprised of several modules:

  • DataTiering: for archiving / offloading data from BW and ERP applications (including S/4HANA and BW/4HANA)
  • Housekeeping: for automating clean-up activities of trash data in your SAP system
  • DataFridge: decommissioning of legacy SAP systems

Benefits of the suite:

  • Reduce operational efforts and expenses

  • Decrease system size
  • Easily access archived data 
  • Flexible storage options - in cloud or on premise storage (+30 technologies supported, e.g. Microsoft Azure)
  • Simplify your system administration 
  • Enable modern analytics on hot, cold and warm SAP data by combing it with non-SAP data in a data lake 
  • Reduce risk (e.g. legacy system downtime, legal compliance, etc.
  • Raise system performance (esp. data load, backups and recovery)

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