Intelligent Omni Channel Engagement

avtor: Digital Dialogue

Turn your conversations into revenue with the power of AI

CUBIKA is Digital Dialogue’s flagship intelligence product, consisting of AI, machine learning, advanced analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. The Intelligent Omni-Channel Engagement solution combines 3 harmonious CUBIKA products: CUBIKA Conver, CUBIKA Engage, and CUBIKA Big Insights.

Embark on a conversational journey with CUBIKA Conver, an AI-powered chatbot with intuitive user-interface and customizable app. Powered by Digital Dialogue’s Thai and English NLP engine and framework, along with Microsoft Cognitive Services, the chatbot can understand users on an intent-basis and provide appropriate responses to help with accessing information, completing tasks, or executing transactions.

CUBIKA Engage, as a connector, compatible with any CRM then enables organizations to track and merge the prospect’s different sources of interactions to keep CRM data clean. Harnessing the power of machine learning, this solution identifies a customer’s point of contact, preferences, and profile. Allowing organizations to avoid duplication and continue conversations with prospects across channels. Simultaneously, CUBIKA Big Insights helps in accelerating data gathering and analytics in real-time, harnessing valuable insights that can lead to business opportunities.

By leveraging CUBIKA full product suite: Conver, Big Insights, and Engage, enterprises can initiate a conversation with customers and weave all interactions across touchpoint into a single source of truth of a customer journey.  CUBIKA Big Insights will then analyze and digest the data gathered from CUBIKA Conver and Engage and provide Next-Best actions that the enterprise should take or insights that can fuel business growth.

Digital Dialogue’s proprietary NLP engine is the core in driving the intelligence behind the Intelligent Omni-Channel Engagement Solution. With simple, human-like interaction, the solution, powered by NLP engine can understand the intention, gear and enhance the potential leads in the right course, at the right time.

Key Highlights of Intelligent Omni-Channel Engagement

  • Connect with potential customers and increase lead generation at every touchpoint
  • Can be integrated with 14 communication channels, including Facebook Messenger, Line, and Webchat on your online store.
  • Differentiation through personalization.  Predict your customer’s need and create an exclusive offering that tailors to their preference.
  • SME-friendly option with CUBIKA Engage for SME Growth Accelerator, a simple but powerful CRM for new businesses who are just starting their CRM journey.

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