Cloud Based Multi CDN Solution

avtor: DLVR, Inc.

DLVR's cloud service measures, optimizes, and simplifies multi-CDN delivery for Internet video.

With DLVR, video publishers get better video performance, increased stability, and mitigation of problems (large and small) compared to CDNs alone, while reporting QoE/QoS metrics, CDN performance, and access network performance for every video from beginning to end - all the way down to the session-level. DLVR is 100% cloud, requires no client-side SDKs or code of any kind, and works across all devices. DLVR's innovative technology (patented and patent-pending around the world) supports Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH), and Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS) protocols, supports both live streaming and video on demand, and works with your existing CDNs. Multi-CDN support is built right in, making it easy to add, remove, or reprioritize CDNs. Implementation is as straightforward as changing a CNAME (really!), with no client-side code to integrate and no back-office workflow changes required. This makes DLVR not only simple to implement, but also durable – you are free to change your client apps and/or your back-office workflows at any time, with no impact on the optimization and measurement of your Internet video. You can focus your resources where they belong, not on complex integrations or SDK maintenance.

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