DMSpro Solution


A cloud-based DMS solution to transform distribution management and to enhance profitability.

DMSpro Solution is the ideal solution package for large enterprises with complex, distinctive distribution and sales operations. DMSpro offers a comprehensive distribution and sales management system built on a world-class ERP platform - SAP, which can be easily customized according to the specific needs of individual clients.

DMSpro Solution includes complete features to thoroughly manage all sales activities, measure sales teams’ performance, evaluate the effectiveness of trade marketing programs, and distributors’ operations in real-time. DMSpro Solution grants top management the unique opportunity to manage 100% of data throughout the supply chain, enabling them to make timely business decisions supported by accurate and reliable information.

Particularly, DMSpro Solution includes a highly specialized Reporting System (Operating/ Business Intelligence Reports) which will be of great use to management.
With a bunch of features tailored to the distinctive needs of enterprises. DMSpro positions itself as the ultimate and outstanding solution: while inheriting from open, powerful, and flexible international ERP platforms, it is well suited to specific management cultures and models in diverse manufacturing and trading areas.

This app is only available in Vietnamese. English version is coming in early 2021.
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