ESO Hospital Suite

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ESO Hospital Suite enables secure data exchange between EMS and hospitals, from transport to patient

ESO is dedicated to improving community health and safety through the power of data. We pioneer innovative, user-friendly software to meet the changing needs of today’s hospitals, EMS agencies, fire departments, and state/provincial agencies. ESO currently serves thousands of customers throughout North America with a broad software portfolio.
ESO’s Hospital Suite enables secure communication and data exchange between EMS and hospitals, from transport to patient outcome. Through this bidirectional data sharing, hospitals and EMS agencies can perform comparative analyses of hospital and EMS data, increase operational efficiency, measure and improve patient outcomes, and much more.
How it works:
ESO Alerting streamlines prehospital patient information capture and enables EMS and hospital professionals to communicate securely and efficiently when minutes matter most. EMS can alert ED personnel of incoming case types and securely transmit case summaries, including pictures and video, to the hospital. Hospitals have time to prepare for cases before patients arrive, ensuring a smooth and seamless handoff upon arrival.
Through ESO Health Data Exchange (HDE), hospitals can automatically connect the EMS record (ePCR, or “runsheet”) to the facility’s EHR when the patient arrives. This allows clinicians easy access to the EMS record, including prehospital medications, conditions present, and other critical information. Real-time patient data are then shared with the EMS agency through a secure outcome portal. Access demographic, billing, and clinical outcome data, such as vitals and procedures with results, ED physician notes, lab results, imaging, and detailed cath lab results—anything the hospital shares. Now, HDE includes more accurate patient record matching with the integration of Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) technology.
With ESO Patient Registry (coming in 2023), hospitals will have a clinical disease registry that simplifies the collection and processing of patient data, empowering service line leaders to focus on driving insights to help improve quality of care. This patient-centered platform helps hospitals quickly and easily turn clinical data into valuable information in the form of service line-specific insights, support for quality reviews, and reporting. The integration of ESO Alerting, ESO HDE, and ESO Patient Registry offers visibility into time-sensitive emergencies and patient data from the 911 call all the way to the patient leaving the hospital.
Through ESO Hospital Suite, we are achieving our vision of facilitating collaboration between the prehospital, in-hospital, and post-acute care environments. We believe the seamless integration of data across the healthcare spectrum allows more time to be spent on improving patient outcomes, and less time on tracking down information and entering data. And when healthcare professionals are able to focus on providing the best care possible, we can transform the way healthcare happens in communities.
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