Flow CX

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Complete Customer Experience Solution, NPS, CSAT, custom Surveys and Analytics

Complete Platform

Flow CX delivers a complete Customer Experience Platform.
Flow is quickly and easily integrated with your business to deliver a powerful Customer Experience program.
Whether your requirement is to measure NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), CES (Customer Effort Score) or some other performance metric, Flow provides the tool-set.
Flow can be run straight out-of-the-box or configured to meet your business requirements.

Key Features

Survey Distribution
The Flow Campaign Management module enables the scheduling and sending of Email or SMS feedback invitations to your customer base.

Flow provides a set of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to cover the key aspects of running and managing your CX program. Our team is able to provide customised analytics to meet any business need.

Survey Design
The Flow Survey module allows for rapid development, testing and fine-tuning of Customer Surveys. Our template library allows for instant Survey creation.

Dynamic QR Codes
With our QR Code module, generating and distributing unique QR codes and associated data collection processes is simple fast and efficient. QR codes can be assigned to any part of the business to enable monitoring.

Customer Panel
The Flow Customer Panel module allows for running and managing a customer panel. The customer panel provides for member profiling, segmentation, quota management and detailed reporting. When combined with the Survey module, Market Research to your Customer Panel and be delivered quickly and easily.

Text Analysis
The Flow Text Analysis Module provides for in-depth analysis of your comment data. Comment data can be gathered by Flow or imported from external systems. Text analysis pulls Themes and Topics from unstructured text surfacing trends and insights buried deep in your customer feedback. Our Driver and Sentiment Analysis allow powerful business insights without the need to massive amounts of text data.

Service Recovery
The Flow Service Recovery Module ensures that customer issues are identified, logged, assigned, tracked and monitored. Unhappy customers are put in touch with your customer experience team to ensure that their issues are properly managed and closed.

Reputation Management
The Flow Reputation Management Module allows for identification and nurture of happy customers through Online Social Media such as Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews or whatever review platforms your business works with.

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