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Shelfr Retail In-Store Management

At Shelfr, we’ve built years of experience working with clients from the Retail and FMCG industry – experience that helps us create innovative solutions for our clients’ needs.

We believe that success of your business is determined in-store. And are committed to helping you sell more.

We are not just a bunch of technology experts. We are a multi-talented team with decades experience in sales, marketing and technology working for top international brands and companies.

Most importantly, we are in-store gladiators.

Shelfr is an in-store solution that provides FMCGs, CPGs, Distributors & Retailers easy to use tools to plan store specific planograms, track execution and inspire action.

Regardless of whether you’re using managed services, relying on others or transitioning infrastructure Shelfr can help you do:

1. End-to-End Planning:

Brings your role Planograms to life. The system empowers your sales / merchandising team to build customized planograms in seconds while in each store to ensure executional excellence in following the role planograms.

2. Track what Matters:

Track and see what’s there and what isn’t. Equip your team to report and share what’s happening in-store and track results with analytics - in real time.

3. Inspire Action:

Share and encourage action. Communicate store findings with your team, stakeholders and partners. To make sure you are always improving your visibility and sales.


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