Genetec Community Connect

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Connected security for thriving communities

Build ties between the public and private sector and encourage community-driven solutions that enhance public safety and livability.

Community Connect™ is the Genetec framework that facilitates public-private collaboration to improve urban safety. Built on a foundation of technology that reinforces community policing, our approach allows members of a community to participate and work towards common goals such as public safety, economic growth and operational efficiency.

How does it work?

1. Install your Stratocast™ video cameras

2. Monitor your HD video from anywhere, 24/7

2. Share select video feeds with the police

*Stratocast™ is a cloud-based video monitoring service from Genetec. Easy to deploy, it offers greater security through HD video surveillance. Business owners can view live and recorded video from their laptop, tablet or smartphone 24/7. They can also selectively share camera feeds with law enforcement, allowing officers to monitor video during an incident. High quality, detailed video not only provides timely information to responding officers but also simplifies the ensuing investigation.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure®, Stratocast requires less hardware to install and maintain, lowering overall costs. Simply deploy your cameras and securely connect to Stratocast. Because recorded video is stored in the cloud, it is safe from physical damage and secure from unauthorized access.

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