Kind Heart Cloud (KHC)

avtor: IMESC

A cloud-based system of remote long-term ECG analysis.

Kind Heart Cloud is a cloud service intended for remote Holter analysis.

It allows customers around the world to receive high-quality ECG Holter analysis services, without the need to buy a Holter system or spending valuable time on decoding the ECG.

How it works:

  •     A patient goes to a doctor
  •     A technician applies electrodes and Holter monitor
  •     The patient comes back, the long-term ECG is transmitted to IMESC Medical center via web site
  •     The ECG is analyzed and the report is generated by highly qualified staff
  •     The report (along with all previous ones) is available at

ECG analysis and report preparation takes a maximum of 24 hours. In emergency cases - 4 hours.

At the moment this application is available only in Ukrainian.

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