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Enable seamless IT planning, status, and interaction.

Myriad is an easy-to-use project coordination program that disseminates information by combining the best features of Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, Microsoft Project, and Slack. It’s web-based, convenient, easy to learn, and replaces countless other applications.

Myriad features a variety of tools, including:

  • Project Planning: An intuitive and revolutionary scheduling system helps coordinate, track, and manage events. Length of tasks, dependent tasks, and impacted applications are visible on one easy-to-understand page.
  • Team Coordination: Myriad Chat seamlessly coordinates activities, questions, and technical discussions while providing a trackable history that can be reviewed or used for training purposes.
  • Repository of Information: An at-a-glance dashboard shows past, present, and scheduled events—including all pertinent information. It allows the user to see each environment, the applications in each environment, pertinent URLs, owners of events, and much more.
  • Status of Environments: A high-level status of all environments is provided in a timely, cost-effective, and frustration-free way. It automatically detects outages and reports them to subscribers. The team can then use Myriad’s collaborative features to quickly address the problem.
This IT software management solution will quickly become the tool of choice for ensuring all team members have access to up-to-date information about all applications and environments, including their statuses, schedules, and real-time collaboration efforts.

Used daily by various individuals: developers, testers, trainers, operations personnel, business users, IT management, and corporate management, this IT management solution is a key enabler of seamless interaction between these critical roles.

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