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Managed Desktop as a Service built on Windows Virtual Desktop and 3rd Party ADDONS

About Managed VDICE
Intertec’s Managed VDICE is a productised offering which is delivered to customers as a fully integrated service reducing the perils of management of end user computing to just hardware support and access to internet access. Intertec’s Managed VDICE option utilizes a combination of Microsoft managed PaaS service – Windows Virtual desktop along with a combination of 3 unique IP-Cosell solutions that are proprietary developments of Intertec along with 4 more partner IPs that allow us to deliver a completely unique value proposition most suited for organizations looking for adherence to Enterprise grade security, Service availability and Data compliance standards, with central management and control. 

Available Options 
• Managed VDICE with Native VPN Connectivity 
• Managed VDICE with Network as a Service over Enhanced Internet Options 
• Managed VDICE with Citrix Cloud Management Layer 
• Managed VDICE with Hybrid Citrix Management Layer 
• Managed Desktop as a Service. 

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