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avtor: IQuantela Technologies Private Limited

An outcomes-focused Smart City enabling platform

The Quantela platform is a purpose-built outcomes-as-a-service platform devised as a smart city enabler. It helps cities to digitize infrastructure by automating and integrating data from IT, OT, IoT, e-Gov and SCADA systems better, faster and cheaper and uses the power of AI to provide city administrators with real time data and video analytics insights help them overcome challenges of urbanization, making them more liveable for citizens. The platform powers Integrated Command and Control Centres of global cities and has been repurposed as a crisis/ disaster management platform for fighting the COVID19 pandemic. Beyond cities, the platform can be used in buildings, gated communities, education campuses, public spaces and commercial establishments to improve operational efficiency.

City administrators need to have a real time view of the city’s operations to monitor traffic, energy and waste management; air and water pollution; public safety and revenue collection with alerts triggered based on pre-set parameters for them to take informed decisions and timely action.

This is where Quantela’s AI-powered Smart City platform comes in to help them with data and video analytics rich insights presented in a visually understandable manner for them to enhance their solution creation capabilities and deliver outcomes for their cities. Quantela solves this by:

  • Connecting and harvesting the data from multiple digital assets like IoT sensors, IT, OT and open dataset into a city’s data platform
  • Driving key informational insights and using it to drive a city’s operations in an autonomous way using AI
  • Measuring and tracking urban liveability and other key operational and key performance metrics
  • Providing recommendations and insights to help in better urban planning, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of urban operations and therefore, reducing the operational costs
  • Engaging the citizens via feedback mechanism and making the urban services more accessible to them

Besides city administrators of Urban local bodies, the platform can also be used by Central and State governments, law enforcement agencies and traffic management authorities in the government sector. The platform can also be used in commercial establishments such as shopping malls, theatres, amusement parks, gaming alleys, historic sites, stadiums etc. which are places where citizens congregate.

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