KMD Studica

avtor: KMD A/S

KMD Studica - An efficient student information system for the entire school.

This application is only available in danish

Studica simplifies your everyday life and gives you more time for your tasks:
• Studica helps you maintain the overview so you always know what you need note.
• You will be assisted and advised along the way, so you can easily make decisions on an informed basis.
• Several persons are involved in the daily administrative work tasks to ensure an efficient collaboration on the daily tasks.

Studica offers:
• One solution that covers all youth educations.
• Role management so that administrators, teachers, students, leaders, tutors, etc. can access the solution. Possibility to tailor the solution for the needs of the school through the connection of others systems and modules.
• Quick and easy data extraction.
• A solution that always has the latest data and information from f.ex. The Ministry of Education.

Studica ensures you an easier everyday life:
• By assisting you in your daily work so you avoid time consuming and manual work.
• By detecting faults and handling them before they occur - you get an intelligent solution that works for you.
• By being a flexible solution, that accommodates future cultural trends and political changes.
• By having the student at the center, you can easily organize individual training courses that formed on the basis of students desires and opportunities.
• By focusing on co-responsibility, so f.ex. students themselves choose electives and teachers give merit.
• By ensuring a user-friendly overview, which gathers the information that is relevant to you. It could be an overview off the entire school, look at some students, plan training courses or plan and exam or test.

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