Konsolute - Auto Classifier

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Revolutionise your content management by automatically classifying your content

Remove the unnecessary task of attributing your content with metadata, improve the accuracy of your metadata/keywords by training and making Auto Classifier aware of your organisational context, improve search and remain in compliance to regulatory requirements.

Konsolute's Auto Classifier (AC) uses Machine Learning Algorithms to extract meaningful keywords (metadata) which accurately describe the content. AC revolutionizes the way in which content is tagged and classified therefore, streamlining the process of publishing content and reducing the risk of incorrectly classifying or applying metadata. AC can be configured via a user-friendly interface which enables the operator to choose from a range of data sources, such as SharePoint, network/file shares and Microsoft 365. Auto Classifier works in conjunction with Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre to provide an end-to-end compliance and monitoring experience in line with government guidelines and organisational policies.


  • Keyword extraction - Auto Classifier intelligently extracts metadata and keywords based upon the semantic context of your content.
  • Improve your search - Improve the discovery of content by enabling Auto Classifier to automatically tag your content.
  • Organisational aware - Increase the accuracy by training Auto Classifier based upon your organisation's data and taxonomies.


  • Understanding your content - Define a migration strategy by getting a complete view of your organisation's content. Auto Classifier can be ran across multiple repositories such as file-shares, network shares, SharePoint 2007 - SharePoint 2019 as well as SharePoint Online. See a holistic view of your organisation's content via a Power BI dashboard enabling you to refine and query the data.
  • Operational efficiencies - Auto Classifier uses intelligent language processors to extract meaningful data from your content and presents it to you in an easy to digest dashboard. Use the data to improve operational efficiencies, streamline processes and make intelligent and informed decisions.
  • Compliance - Use Auto Classifier to comply and adhere to regulator requests. Auto Classifier enables you to use to identify content containing sensitive information such as addresses, credit card information and government classification. Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365’s Compliance Centre and Azure Information Protection.

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