Secure digital communication for Outlook Office 365 with SEFOS

avtor: Meaplus AB

Protect messages and attachements with strong encryption, verify recipients with e-IDs, SMS etc.

SEFOS - an easy to use add-in to protect sensitive information and communication using Outlook Office 365. 

Try SEFOS for free! 

30 days free trial! Register your organisation today! If you don't want to proceed, your subscription will automatically end after 30 days. 

Easy to use

  • SEFOS is as easy as sending a regular e-mail message allowing organisations to share sensitive information digitally. 
  • As a registered users, you can send encrypted information to other SEFOS users as well as external non-registered users. 
  • As a non-registered user, you'll be requested to authenticate yourself by a accepted e-ID, SMS-token or verified e-mail before the encrypted information can be opened. 


  • Flexible user license based on a monthly subscription model - Grow or shrink as you like
  • Allows public and private organsiations to send sensitive information digitally
  • Streamline processes within organisations by replacing fax machines and postal letter communication with a digital alternative. 
  • Increase transparency in communication. See who have opened the information and with what authentication method. 

    About Meaplus

    We're a Swedish company developing applications and services in order to help customers to adopt and benefit from digitization. 

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