MVM Energy Suite


Cloud-based platform supporting processes in the wholesale electricity market (WEM).

This application is only available in spanish languages. MVM Energy Suite is a cloud-based platform that supports the front, middle and back office of the Wholesale Electrical Market - WEM, supports the operations, processes and the management of energy transactions, increasing profitability and decreasing risks. The platform is implemented in an agile manner, with professional experts in the Wholesale Electrical Market, a personalized service and an adaptable and flexible monetization model. The modules that compose the platform are:

MVM Commercial: Modeling, settlement and operation of energy purchase and sale contracts, with flexibility to outline the business rules of each client. 
MVM Transactions: Resolves transactions before the WEM Manager and Operator.
MVM Insights: A solution based on Machine Learning and Analytics that generates forecasts of market prices and other variables from time series and statistical models, which becomes a powerful analysis tool for risk management.
MVM Measurements: Allows to generate alerts about the quality of the measurement coming from the remote measurement systems.
MVM Process Manager: Component that allows you to design, model calculations and formulas required in business and operational processes in WEM.

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