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Exaudi is a Data Management Platform (DMP) to collect and normalize heterogeneous data, generate audience profiles based on first, second and third-party data, build rule-based target segments, export segments into external platforms to deliver marketing messages. It is equipped with a number of standard analytics reports to provide you with a detailed view of your traffic, which you can filter by the socio-demo and behavioral characteristics of your audience. Exaudi ingests first and third party data, both online and off-line, from any device.

If you have a network of websites you wish to track, mobile apps or TV decoders, CRM systems and data you have bought from any provider, you can trust Exaudi to collect, normalize and process all data.

We take configuration seriously and spend time with you: we want to understand your data and make sure Exaudi presents them in a smart way.

Exaudi shall fit your business like a tailor-made suit, it’s full made in Italy.

DMP engine is exaudi’s core component. It stores all the algorithms developed to handle DMP data, such as:

  • Data Processing library: uses a MapReduce framework to process/clean/aggregate raw data;
  • Content Classification: decision system to classify content based on semantic analysis;
  • Attribute inference algorithms: they estimate user attributes of unknown users based on behavioral patterns;
  • Clusters builder: clusters users according to rules defined through the UI; we use Apache Commons Java Expression Language (JEXL)
  • Look-Alike / Act-alike: extends audience segments identifying other users showing similar characteristics / behaviors.

New plugins and data sources can be implemented at any time.

Once you have identified a target segment, look-alike models search for users showing similar behaviours or characteristics, assuming they will be likely to respond to your solicitations as your original target segment

You can buy information from a third party, trusting its’ realiable. Or you can trust YOUR DMP to derive information from YOUR data based on the behaviour of YOUR audience. You just need a small sample of active known users.

You can go beyond that, building predictive models that find correlations between users’ characteristics and desired behaviours.

This is what Artificial Intelligence is about: enriching your knowledge of your audience.

Up to you if you want to keep it to yourself or share it in the marketplace.

Exaudi is a turn-key Data Management Platform that enables companies to target a profitable audience in an affordable, simple, yet powerful way.

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