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Hong Kong based live streaming technology company offering broadcast grade Live Streaming Service.

Your Trusted Partner for Premier Live Streaming Events

One Click Go Live (OCGL) is a Hong Kong Based live streaming technology company offering broadcast grade Live Streaming Service, Product and Platform, Solution with Customization for professional and commercial use.
OCGL engages in user experience (UX) and deep technology to maximize seamless user experience for event hosts in professional and commercial live streaming events, thereby eliminating the pain points in traditional live streaming.

We offer One-stop Live Streaming Solutions
#1 Simple setup with no extra infrastructure need
#2 User-friendly real-time management
#3 Professional output quality (Up to 4K)
#4 Cost-efficient solution

We provide one-stop services and solutions to deliver the ultimate experience to your audience. From event planning and management to video production and virtual conference, to live streaming and post-production, we take care of all the elements for your event and let you focus on creating the content.

Own Who You Are "Your Branded Live Streaming Platform"
From colour theme to logo and content, One Click Go Live Platform provides flexibility for your brand exposure and maintains your brand presence throughout the live streaming experience.

Key Impacts for Corporate / GBA / Education / Entertainment...
• Instantaneous interaction between Hong Kong and China
• Smooth live streaming in China and worldwide
• High Availability setup to ensure no single point of failure
• Utilizing 5G connectivity to provide live streaming ubiquitously
• Seamless interaction between speakers in the venue and guests in Video conference
• Customizable layout combining venue and video conference in the same screen on live streaming
• Leveraging an innovative filming style and smooth live-streaming experience
• Ticketing and Donation functions to monetarize your event online without the hassle ... and more

Custom Private Offer
We provide customized event production for major organizations in various industries.
Interested in a custom private offer specialized for your needs, Please contact us at

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