KACE Cloud

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Patch, secure, and automate every endpoint in your hybrid IT environment from the cloud.

KACE Cloud with cloud-based patch management makes it easy to inventory and manage Windows, Mac, iOS and Android endpoint devices accessing your environment. With KACE Cloud, you get easy device enrolment, comprehensive inventory information, and a broad set of commands — from resetting a password to wiping a stolen device — that help minimize security risks and data breaches. It also protects data at rest or in transit with industry-standard encryption.

Endpoint Cloud Patching

With cloud-based patch management, confidently deploy OS and application patches for over 350 products – that’s over 10,000 patches and growing - throughout your IT environments using cloud-based patch management. Eliminate the guesswork on the results of your patch job. With cloud-based patch management you can secure all your endpoints on a regular schedule without worrying about testing OS and 3rd-party application patches before deployment. Avoid potential outages and disruptions and reduce the risk of disrupting your IT environment.

KACE Cloud synchronizes with our KACE Patch Catalog multiple times a day to ensure we provide a structured and current list of available updates for uninterrupted endpoint patch management. The KACE Cloud Patch Management Catalog normalizes patch data from each software vendor to ensure that we have content available within a few days (these turnaround times can differ depending on update type and vendor). In addition to new updates, our Catalog analysts consistently curate our content for obsolete or orphaned update titles.

Simplified Device Deployment

KACE Cloud zero-touch deployment for onboarding and deployment of new devices eliminates manual configuration and gets your workforce up and running quickly. Configure devices more efficiently by pushing applications and implementing preconfigured user settings for newly deployed devices. Support BYOD with a separate space for company applications and settings to reside on personal devices.

Mobile Device Management – Protect Remote Devices

Protect your remote devices with a wide range of features that allow you to lock, erase, change passwords, or reset to factory settings. With location tracking, you can collect real-time location data, set and display compliance information and track location history. You can save settings to streamline the deployment of new devices.

Automate Policy and Process Management

Take a proactive approach to policy management with automation. Use the power of perpetual policy enforcement when administering apps, location rules, Windows custom profiles, or security standards - minimizing drift.

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