TomTom Traffic Stats

avtor: TomTom

TomTom Traffic Stats provides historical road traffic speeds and travel times in over 75 countries.

Traffic Stats enables analysis of driven road speeds and travel times across a route or a road network in a specific geographic region. Detailed output reports can be obtained within a few minutes. The application provides detailed road segment and route speeds and travel times, along with sample size for confidence in results. It provides statistics including average and median speeds, speed limits, street names and road class, speed and travel time distribution. Data output options include Json, Geojson, Shape, Excel, and KML files.

Thanks to Traffic Stats you can get access to 10+ year historical traffic archive available in more than 70 countries.

Traffic Stats will help with answering the following questions:

• Where are the worst bottlenecks on the road network?

• Have road improvements reduced the delay?

• How will temporary and permanent road closures influence traffic flow?

• How many vehicles pass a given location?

• At what speed do vehicles pass a given location?

• How do speeds, travel times and delay compare across times of day,

days of the week, weeks, months or years for given routes or road networks?

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