Smart Survey – feedback simplified and organized

avtor: UB Technology Innovations, Inc.

Survey app to perceive customer experience and enhance delivery excellence

A survey on customer satisfaction in different phases of solution development is observed in this application. It helps in enhancing various process involved from inception to delivery. Feedback and survey being an essential supplement for continuous improvement, helps a large in each of the process enhancements. Smart Survey can be utilized in any function or industry as a response management tool for quick and secure analysis of customer experience. 
Smart Survey is aimed to reduce the prevalent aversion of taking part in a survey, like longer time engagement, detailed scenarios sentences, unsorted questions etc. Smart survey is built with favorable click ratings, process sections, comment boxes, proceeding status indicators for an interactive survey.
A service’s satisfaction also relies on the commitment given by a provider to its customer. Unnoticed gaps in response to client may be left unaware. To identify these gaps, feedback helps a customer to register their experience in different phases like responsiveness, quality, packaging and delivery and so on. 
Smart Survey is designed to be very flexible to adopt different set of questions and selective responses to each question. The tool allows in customizing questions and response fields to multiple custom options. Reports can be organized form these responses and insights could be used in future enhancements.

Features & Benefits: 
• User friendly and Hassle-free filling up of feedback 
• Proceeding status indicators with missed out alert
• Dual input feedback helps in identifying the quality of responses
• Single survey application for multiple solutions with flexible customization
• Reduces the risk of data loss
• Multidevice compatibility enabling users to access from any device or platform

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