Veritone Redact

avtor: Veritone, Inc.

Veritone Redact | For Law Enforcement & Judicial Agencies | Audio & Video Evidence Redaction

Save time and increase productivity by using artificial intelligence to automate the redaction of faces and sensitive information within audio, video and image-based evidence.

  • Easy-to-use: Turn-key solution powered by AI
  • Secure: Hosted in Azure GovCloud to support CJIS compliance requirements
  • Flexible: Use it anywhere. All you need is a desktop, browser, and internet connection
  • Agnostic: Works with all commonly used cameras and video or audio formats
  • Reliable: Automatically redacts faces and objects with high accuracy
  • Fast: Results in up to 90% time savings, freeing up resources

Developed for law enforcement, judicial agencies and legal & compliance teams.

Law Enforcement

  • Expedite compliance with public records requests
  • Reduce time required to redact files, saving costs and freeing up resources
  • Protect privacy of witnesses and others appearing in footage
  • Preserve the integrity of video and audio evidence for cases

Legal & Compliance

  • Remove privileged information or PII from evidence to be produced
  • Identify and label redacted files for specific cases
  • Mark redacted evidence as relevant or privileged
  • Include redacted copies in discovery productions


Expedite Redaction Of Any Sensitive Items

  • Automatically detect faces and heads within video and audio evidence
  • Expedite a once manual process by tracking defined images forward through the file
  • Check your work in application with redaction preview filters
  • Redact detected faces, heads and selected images in video evidence automatically with one click
  • Copy of redacted media file is downloadable to a local computer

Fulfill Chain Of Custody Requirements

  • Capture comprehensive reporting of all actions taken against redacted evidence to support compliance with chain of custody requirements
  • Download all actions as audit logs in Excel file format along with the redacted video or audio files

Collaborate Across Agencies

  • Manage digital evidence redaction workloads by tagging evidence with its status in the approval workflow
  • Download and send shareable redacted evidence files for quick distribution in existing inter and intra-agency workflows

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