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Reliance on antiquated technology and approaches, and despite substantial investments across the profession there has been a failure to exploit opportunities presented by the roll out of National Incident-based Crime Reporting System (NIBRS). Adoption of new strategies for policing, utilizing NIBRS to improve the ability to resource and respond using analytics has not previously been made available by the vendor community to agencies that currently rely on their existing “operational” systems and traditional crime analysis techniques.

SAS and Zencos provide a turnkey analytical reporting solution that automatically integrates and surfaces NIBRS data already available within the agency and provides customers with powerful pre-configured visual crime analysis tools. Law enforcement personnel can process the data and provide fast, timely, and crucial crime insights via visual analytical capabilities by leveraging their own standard NIBRS files before they are sent to the FBI. SAS automatically ingests NIBRS submission files from any NIBRS compliant agency, translates, integrates and prepares the data for analysis. SAS technology then provides police agencies with pre-built, interactive data analysis and reporting tools specifically to analyze crime. This empowers agency personnel to provide rapid feedback on crime trends as soon as the data is ingested.

SAS empowers agencies to harness advanced analytics that improve performance and reduce risk by unlocking new insights and identifying patterns of criminal activity within the community.

Who is this for?

  • Police executive leaders can quickly understand and effectively communicate crime and victimization trends to the community and other key stakeholders

  • Crime and data analysts are relieved of the burden of preparing data and designing analytical tools, freeing up more time to analyze crime and uncover hidden crime issues

  • Patrol supervisors and officers are equipped with insight into crime issues relevant to their shift

  • Executive Command staff and mid-level leaders can use insights from this solution to direct strategic and tactical operations to reduce and prevent crime.

  • Zero technological footprint means that IT staff are not burdened with another technology to support

Pain points/needs:

  • Lack of analytic expertise/staff

  • Lack of crime analytics tools/ tools that do not meet law enforcement needs

  • Disparate data sources

  • Volume/velocity of data

  • Increasing crime

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