avtor: Zoho Corporation Private Limited

A scalable, and flexible process management software to orchestrate your business workflows.

Are you tired of doing manual and repetitive tasks?
Is your work very time-consuming?
Are you missing out on your deadlines?

Here's Qntrl for you!

Qntrl is a workflow orchestration software built by Zoho Corporation. Irrespective of the industry or department you belong to, Qntrl helps you design, automate and streamline your business processes. With Qntrl, you never lose visibility and control of your processes.

Why Qntrl?

With an inherent drag and drop, user-friendly interface, Qntrl lets you visualize and construct your process workflows easily, without having to code anything. Nevertheless, we also have product implementation specialists who can help you automate and set up your processes – either from scratch or whenever you need them.

Key features:

1. Get 360 degree visibility - Centralized platform for request submissions, customized work views and real time status updates
2. Ensure execution standards - Automated business policies, assignment rules and process checks
3. Collaborate seamlessly - Contextual data access, real time stakeholder updates and feedback
4. Save time with automation - Automatic request assignment, document generation and workflow actions
5. Easily connect with your other enterprise tools - APIs, custom functions, webhooks, extensions and integrations
6. Secure data - Field access privileges, role-based access control, and data encryption
7. Track and improve organizational KPIs - Built-in usage reports, custom process analytics, and SLAs

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