Data-driven decarbonization with Sustainability Manager

avtor: Zuehlke Engineering

Energy and CO2 accounting, and measuring the effects of process changes in real time.

Zühlke helps industrial enterprises to identify and analyse their biggest emission drivers in real time. This allows them to implement targeted sustainability measures, such as reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption, and to evaluate the impact of those measures immediately.

We have extended the Microsoft Sustainability Manager data model, adding industry-specific emission factors and indicators. These are directly integrated into the existing data model via a PowerApp. The calculation profiles have also been expanded and adapted to the European energy market. This enables businesses to make evidence-based decisions and to run an instant, data-based assessment of their impact.

We supply the required models and metrics, tailored to the business and the relevant industry. The data platform, built in parallel, provides a basis for real-time analysis and innovative new services.

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