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Dynamics 365 Geo-analytical App for PowerApps to visualize data on a map & boost your sales.

Note: If you have an Offline (On-Premises) Integration, you would need to visit Appjetty (a Biztech venture) for trial.

Product Features

  • Territory Management: Create territories by region, drawing, and shapefile including .CSV files and assign them right from the map to your team members. Auto-assign the territory based on the location while creating a new record for an account/contact in the CRM.
  • Heat Map Visualization: Visualize and analyze the CRM data in real-time with heat maps. Create area-wise heat maps, pie and column charts to take data-driven decisions.
  • Route Optimization and Sharing: Create and share optimized routes with your on-field team members. Help them find nearby customers in their territory to cover more customers in less time.
  • Reporting and Analytical Dashboard: Get a smart overview of sales activity, open leads, follow-up data, and performance and Plan your daily or monthly activities.
  • Advanced Search: Search by region, shape, and proximity and create a category/attribute specific view of multiple plotted entities on Dynamics CRM map integration.
  • Check-in / Check-out: Get an overview of your on-field team members in real-time as they check-in/check-out of their tasks, appointments, service activity, and custom activities.
  • User Level Configuration: Share your data securely with your team members using security templates. And configure small details like auto zoom, default location to personalize your map view.
  • Map Your Records: With our Dynamics 365 map, plot multiple CRM entities on the map and view the desired data. View data with filtered views based on Region, Drawing, Territory, Proximity, and Users/teams.
  • Enhanced Team Productivity: Enhance your team’s performance with route optimization and sharing, territory management, etc.
  • Detailed Market Analysis: Analyze the market in detail with multiple geo-analytical dashboards like overview, sales activity, and sales performance.
  • Locational Targeted Marketing: Give the marketing department the right data of the highest-grossing clients and areas and let them do the rest.
  • Multi-Language Support: Our plugin supports multiple languages like Spanish, Greek, French and many more.

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