CFOUR - Financial Consolidation Tool

Eunoia Ltd

CFOUR is a financial software for consolidation that assists inter-company accounting.

Agnostic to any source of data financial reporting software CFOUR centralises reports to one database ensuring data integrity. CFOUR focuses on improving the financial consolidation process flow and ensuring complete visibility and consistency. This controlled stream of data is traceable, can be shared with other users or locked once finalised to prevent any further changes. Unlock new insights and find new ways to interpret financials through data visualisation. In partnership with data visualisation tools, CFOUR boasts infographics, interactive charts as well as KPI reporting. Role-based access control ensures the highest standard of security and control. Users are only allowed to access management accounting reports that are relevant to them and see the data related to their entities or within their domain. This financial consolidation software is designed in collaboration with CFOs making it easy to use. Depending on your requirements, CFOUR’s underlying architecture can handle data at scale. Verification and validation rules ensure that errors and inconsistencies are minimised to provide an error free accounting consolidation. Fast Implementation of Automated Financial Consolidation Process CFOUR for companies with up to 10 subsidiaries is usually implemented within 4 weeks. During this process, data mapping is processed and trial data tests are carried out to validate and reconcile the management accounting reports.
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