Security Modernization: 3 Day Workshop


Safeguard your business with a three-step security modernization solution from Netwoven

In today's digital era, security challenges require intelligent, thoughtful, and robust solutions to keep up with the evolving landscape of threats. Take control of your security modernization journey to mitigate threats to your organization’s systems and data by consolidating your security solutions into Microsoft 365 industry-leading protection suite.

At Netwoven, we unlock the potential of the Microsoft 365 security suite to strengthen your organization’s security posture and mitigate cybersecurity risks. We provide the required fences at every checkpoint in your security journey with a 3-step security modernization solution:

  • Fortify foundations
  • Shield and Protect
  • Safeguard

Security Modernization Workshop Agenda:

Day 1

Fortify Foundations

  • Securing identities, access, and endpoints

Day 2

Shield and Protect

  • Device provisioning, information protection, compliance and governance

Day 3


  • Data loss prevention, eDiscovery, retention and SIEM

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