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ScanBuddy.ai – Business Card Scanner for Teams

Now there is one more reason to stay on Microsoft Teams and get more things done through ScanBuddy.ai on your CRM. The ScanBuddy.ai enables a lot of tasks related to Lead and Contact management right from Teams. ScanBuddy is an AI powered business card scanning, Lead and Contact Management solution on mobile and cloud.

ScanBuddy.ai helps users Scan business cards, Manage and Sync Contacts with leading CRMs with 100% data accuracy and up to 40% of time saving! This solution is for busy Field sales, Lead-gen and Account teams on Contact management data-intensive tasks. A true enabler for busy professionals who can easily sync cards info as Leads or Contacts, Search, edit and Call quickly from their mobile and kick-off lead-gen process as well.

You can increase your productivity by leaving data-entry intensive tasks to ScanBuddy on Teams. You can upload business cards images through ScanBuddy bot on Teams. ScanBuddy processes the card images, extracts the card information and stores the data with your CRM as Lead or Contact. It notifies you on the Team when processing is done and data is synced. There are many more things possible with ScanBuddy so-lution.

In addition to above, following tasks are enabled for you by ScanBuddy right from the Microsoft Teams:

  • Find the right account in CRM from card data and automatically add lead or contact to the account.
  • Save scanned card data as Lead or contact and associate with existing or create new account.
  • Upload multiple images from Teams and sync the data on the cloud.
  • Find your contacts on your CRM quickly from ScanBuddy bot on Teams.
  • Edit and update scanned contacts information on the cloud.
  • Get notified on duplicate record entry or sync data related information.

To set up this integration, please sign up for a ScanBuddy.ai enterprise plan by con-tacting Scanbuddy.ai team at sales@moblize.it

Please note that you’ll receive these features only when you connect your CRM with ScanBuddy.ai.

Add-in capabilities

When this add-in is used, it

  • Can send data over the Internet
  • This add-in will Not store or access any personal information from card or CRM. ScanBuddy.ai is fully compliant with data privacy and security guidelines.
När det här tillägget används kan det
  • Skicka data via Internet
  • Det här tillägget har åtkomst till personlig information för det aktiva meddelandet, t.ex. telefonnummer, postadress eller webbadresser. Tillägget kan skicka dessa data till en tjänst från tredje part. Det kan inte läsa eller ändra andra objekt i din inkorg.
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