Lexion for Microsoft Teams

av Lexion

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Microsoft Teams Bot for the Lexion AI-powered Contract Lifecycle Management.

Lexion - The Smart Contract Management System. Lexion is a simple and affordable Contract Lifecycle Management system that uses artificial intelligence to help you gain insights about your legal agreements as well as be the central hub for your company's legal team. Lexion allows you to: 1. Quickly find your contracts in an organized repository and 2. Track key obligations and dates with AI-assistance. Lexion can also help you track all work for the legal team and act as a hub for everything legal within your company. In order to use this app, you need to have an active Lexion subscription, please contact us for more details at


När den här appen används
  • Skicka data via Internet
  • Den här appen har åtkomst till personlig information för det aktiva meddelandet, t.ex. telefonnummer, postadresser eller webbadresser. Appen kan skicka dessa data till en tjänst från tredje part. Den kan inte läsa eller ändra andra objekt i din inkorg.

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