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Transform your documents into dynamic templates with Templatise.

Templatise is revolutionizing document management in Office 365. This powerful Word add-in allows you to create dynamic templates from any document, using variables to represent different structures such as simple text, formatted text, predefined text, optional variables, tables, and lists. With Templatise, you can populate your documents via a web form, making it a breeze to customize your content. Plus, it offers seamless integration with external systems like Azure AD and CRM, similar to Zappier, for efficient data collection. All of this is secured with SSO authentication from Azure AD, ensuring your data remains safe while you focus on what matters most - your work.

Templatise has always free plan as well as monthly or yearly subscriptions, more details at


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  • Läsa och göra ändringar i ditt dokument
  • Skicka data via Internet

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