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Classify Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Web Emails with Ease


  • Classifications and help descriptions: Prime users to classify data effectively with descriptions and examples.
  • Selection of a classification: Users are able to consider the sensitivity of data and classify it accordingly when they send emails.
  • Mark the email subject and body with visual labels: Visual labels are added to emails on send so that recipients can immediately identify the classification level and handling requirements for the message contents.
  • Consistent labelling: Establishing a set of labelling standards across the organisation to improve compliance, security, and accessibility of data while reducing risk.
  • Stores classification metadata with each email: Metadata is available to third-party software, such as email gateways, to enable further controls and automation.
  • Warnings when classifications are downgraded: Alerts users to properly assess the downgrading of classifications to confirm that the action is appropriate.
  • Development services available: Working with clients to accommodate their specific needs.


När den här appen används
  • Skicka data via Internet
  • Den här appen kan läsa och ändra innehållet i vilket objekt som helst i din inkorg, och det kan skapa nya objekt. Den har tillgång till personlig information, t.ex. brödtext, ämne, avsändare, mottagare och bilagor, i alla meddelande- och kalenderobjekt. Den kan skicka dessa data till en tjänst från tredje part.

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