Enlighten Data Story


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Use beautifully designed text to tell your story.

Enlighten Designs is a Microsoft-based innovation studio established in 1998 and specializing in the art of telling data-driven stories to deliver exceptional customer value. Starting back in September 2016 when Microsoft revealed the ‘Power BI Best Visual’ contest and our Enlighten Aquarium won a people’s choice award, we received an opportunity to be the delivery partner for Microsoft’s Data Journalism Program. Since this time, we have created many FREE Custom Visuals and AppSource Consulting Offers. You can find the latter here - https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/consulting-services?search=enlighten&page=1

ENLIGHTEN SLICER - Tell a clear and simple story with your data. This visual displays text with stand-out dynamic data values. You control the font size, color and style of both the text and the data values.

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