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The Territory Visual, based on Azure Maps, brings spatial business intelligence to Power BI!

Does your business need to analyze and easily share territory maps across the enterprise? From the developers of EasyTerritory, the Territory Visual for Power BI lets you get the most from your business information!

The EasyTerritory Territory Visual supports consuming territory polygons (GeoJSON) defined in the EasyTerritory web portal. EasyTerritory is the leading territory management solution that provides access to postal code (ZIP Code) data for the United States many more countries for building territory polygons with ease. Additionally, the Territory Visual can be used to map business (point) data such as accounts, leads, and opportunities.

Territory Visual Features:

  • Territory Drilldown: Drill-down down through up to 8 levels of territory hierarchy
  • (NEW) 8 Levels of Territory Drilldown: Easily connect to your data and display territory polygons.
  • Heat Map Classification: Color-code your territories based on any metrics from your data model.
  • (NEW) Custom Heat Map Classification Ranges: Choose your own custom ranges for heat maps.
  • Territory Lookup: Look up an address to quickly jump to the right location on the map.
  • Business Intelligence: Add in your business data such leads, accounts, and opportunities as points to determine how your territories are performing.
  • Travel-time Rings: Analyze distances and filter postal codes or account data using Azure Maps travel-time rings.
  • Realign Territories: Integration with EasyTerritory Enterprise allows territory editing and realignments.
  • Azure Maps: Leverage the high-performance Azure Maps control with world-wide base map coverage.
  • Point-to-Point Distance Lines: Analyze a route between two locations by creating a customized line layer based on your unique use case.
  • Territory Custom Labeling: Customize the placement and appearance of your territory labels for enhanced readability.
  • Point Clustering: Cluster point data by classification ranges.
  • Custom Point Symbology: Select custom shapes and colors for exact value classifications.
  • Reference Point Layers: Add additional reference point layers to overlay with territories and point data from your data model.
  • Draggable Callouts: Support for draggable callouts on point data and clusters.
  • WMS Layer: Add OGC WMS layers to your visual.
    • The Azure Maps key is included with an EasyTerritory subscription. After downloading the Territory Visual, you will receive an email with trial key.

    Full documentation for setting up the Territory Visual

    Licensing costs:

    The EasyTerritory Territory Visual requires an EasyTerritory subscription for access to the web portal for building territory polygons. Here a few of the features included in EasyTerritory web portal:

    • US ZIP Code and other global Postal Code data sets.
    • Overlay business data with territories all on a single map.
    • Auto-territory Building, for territory modeling.
    • Full integration with Dynamics 365.
    • Learn more and request a trial at:

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