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Build interactive process, hierarchy and network diagrams in Power BI with alert-driven KPIs

Build Power BI reports with interactive process org charts, process diagrams, and hierarchies without writing any code using xViz Performance Flow.

Use cases supported:
  • Organization charts: Deliver org charts with integrated alerts and KPIs. Supports profile photo, name, title & designation details for stakeholders
  • Supply chain performance: Graphically visualize supply chain performance across plants, warehouses, distribution centers, and retail outlets
  • Network Diagrams: Track the performance of a combination of business units, costs centers, departments, products, and locations in a single visual
  • Sales & financial performance: Visualize sales/financial performance across regions, departments, products, customer segments and sales reps
  • Process diagrams with custom swim Lanes: Visualize business processes and flows using custom swim lanes and connectors
And many more

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Use images and icons for better visualization
  • Integrated alerts and KPIs for highlighting performance against benchmarks
  • Custom connectors – Draw and highlight connections and dependencies using custom connectors and swim lanes
  • Tell stories using notes – Offer additional textual context through annotations, elevating the narrative and insights
  • Highlight shapes – Highlight shape borders, backgrounds, and font colors to bring attention to outliers, top performers, and bottom performers
  • Deliver interactive diagrams
    • Expand/Collapse levels and Navigate effortlessly
    • Dynamic filtering based on observations / KPIs
    • Quick Search to easily locate nodes in diagrams with a large number of nodes
    • Zoom in/out to focus on specific areas
    • Mini map: Easily locate your current position within a large canvas using a mini-map
    • Subtree analysis: Focus on specific subtrees with selected root nodes
    • Detailed view: Dive deeper with comprehensive node information
  • Custom Tabs for end-users – Create subtrees for rapid analysis and pin those as tab pages in the visual
  • Child Count Analysis – Customize node display in collapsed state with options to show count of immediate members or full branch including descendants
  • Predefined Templates – Select from a variety of node styles to match your preferred aesthetics and enhance visual consistency
  • Data structure support – Support multiple data formats including those using Id/Parent Id columns or Multi-level column structure (one hierarchy level in each column)
  • Rich Configurations – Modern, intuitive and user-friendly toolbar with abundant configurations

Why choose xViz visuals?

  • Trusted by 3,000+ customers, including most Fortune 500 companies

  • Over 2M+ downloads across 40+ countries

  • Lumel, as the organization, is the #1 Power BI Visuals ecosystem leader with 20+ visuals (with Inforiver and ValQ) spanning all use cases making us the one-stop shop for all your Power BI use cases for features/functionality gaps unmet by native Power BI.

Licensing- The visual is free for use on the Power BI desktop. License purchases are required for use on the Power BI online service/Report Server/Embedding. Details are available here - xViz Pricing & Purchases.

To know more about how the visual can empower your reporting in Power BI

  • Explore the full potential of the visual on xViz website
  • Have any feature requests or queries about the visual? - Reach us at xViz Community

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