eWay-CRM CFO Dashboard

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Get quick access to the most recent financial data from your eWay-CRM. Be effective.

The eWay-CRM Chief Financial Officer Dashboard is an amazing tool for all executive managers and finance managers who need a complete picture of their company’s finance. The app connects to your existing eWay-CRM and uses data from Companies, Bookkeeping Records, Products, and Deals. The report contains several parts that look at your data from different perspectives: SUMMARY This section contains a month-on-month revenue comparison between this year and the previous one. It helps you understand in what months you generate the highest revenue and what your performance last year was. You can also see detailed stats about your payments received along with how much money you are expected to get paid. SALES REPS / PRODUCTS / CUSTOMERS These sections help you understand what sales reps, products, or customers generate the highest sales. Each tab gives you the list of the top 10 for this year and a timeline. The timeline clearly shows sales increases or decreases over time. All three tabs also include a map for you to understand where exactly you generate most of your businesses. OUTLOOK This is a great report for all who need to know how much money your sales reps are expected to bring to your organization. You can see a list of all your employees along with their month-to-month predictions. These stats are based on deals from eWay-CRM. ALL INVOICES The last page provides a complete list of all your invoices. You can easily find a bill to find out its status, due date, etc. This table also allows you to apply any filters and build your stats. Connect your eWay-CRM to the CFO Dashboard today and keep an eye on your finance. Anywhere and anytime.

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