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RDX G5 DBaaS - Oracle


Fully Managed Oracle as a Service. Running your Oracle applications on Azure has never been easier.

RDX's Oracle DBaaS is a fully managed Oracle database service built on Microsoft's scalable cloud infrastructure for enterprise applications.

RUNNING ORACLE ON AZURE RDX uses a proven DBaaS technology to deliver a secure, performance-rich experience with full HA while enabling customers to manage their infrastructure cost and performance. With the click of a mouse, imagine spinning up an Oracle database in only minutes, increasing or decreasing compute or storage to match demand in real-time, and starting/stopping/deleting services when desired. The service includes DBA expertise to run Oracle applications with your existing licenses (BYOL), cost effectively and reliably on the Azure Cloud. You can bring your own cloud (BYOC) or let us provide a fully hosted experience.

MIGRATION EXPERTISE RDX combines the best DBAs, tools, DBaaS platform and time-tested processes to accelerate the migration of Oracle workloads to the Azure Cloud. Our certified Oracle DBAs are involved from day one to prepare, plan, execute and validate each successful migration. They stay with the customer post migration to ensure a smooth transition to operational excellence and offer additional services to meet the ongoing need for DBA expertise. Learn more about RDX and its industry-leading database services and solutions at www.rdx.com.