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TAMPro is an advanced web application that automates employee time & attendance tracking.

Tracking your employees’ working hours manually is no longer the only benefit of having an attendance solution. TAM Pro is an integrated solution, developed to manage the employees’ attendance with total flexibility and efficiency. TAM Pro helps in increasing the efficiency of the HR management team according to the company needs, size, and industry by enabling self-service for employees and generating useful reports that help the decision makers to take the optimum decisions at the adequate time. • The attendance and departure module regulates the attendance process for employees in companies; calculating the duration of their attendance, while protecting the records from tampering by limiting modifications on the date of attendance, while allowing employees to register with a fingerprint or through a card to automatically register their attendance. • TAM Pro benefits exceed the employers’ improved time recording, as the employees will feel the positive impact and elevated morale as they track their time attendance performance and the actual hours they worked, spreading a higher sense of fairness. • Privileged access management in TAM Pro help you to control and assign the privileges to your users to prevent any unauthorized manipulation in employees’ data. • TAM Pro can easily integrate with any other software such as Payroll Pro, ERP systems, or gate controllers through ready-made APIs. • TAM Pro is built with the latest Microsoft technologies and can be hosted on-premises or on cloud. TAM Pro built for ease of use with intuitive user experience, to allow any ordinary user to use the program screens easily without requiring extensive trainings. 90% reduction in calculating payable employee’s working hours, as reflected by our customers, in addition to empowering your employees with their own profiles and their ability to request vacations and record missions and various requests, which is directly linked with their direct managers and the HR department. TAM Pro solution is developed to fit organizations of all scales from SMEs to large-scale corporations for various industries. This application is available in English and Arabic. (other languages could be added regarding to customer requirements)

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