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Clone CRM record(s) in few clicks

Clone Record Accelerator is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution file containing custom entities and attributes. This solution can be deployed and configured on CRM instance for providing cloning feature to CRM users.

  • Can clone all entities and custom entities apart from system entities like User, Team, Role etc.
  • Can clone all native attributes apart from system attributes like createdon, modifiedby etc.
  • Records can be accessed for cloning as defined by CRM security (based on user roles assigned).
  • Clones (optionally) the child entity records to maintain the hierarchy.
  • Maintains data consistency without manual intervention
  • High speed of execution

  • Configurable filtering criteria so that administrator can select the records from a range of:
  • Search feature provided for administrators to ease the configuration record creation.
    • Dates [From Date and To Date]
    • Owner
    • Status
  • Error Logging: Tasks with error information gets assigned to Administrator
Note: There needs to be only one entity configuration record available at all times.

Please more details please refer attached documents or reach out to: