Hardware Request and Management Template

โดย Microsoft Power Platform

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Empower your employees to request IT hardware and manage your organization's device inventory.

The Hardware Request and Management Template empowers your organization to request and manage IT hardware assets. The template contains the building blocks necessary to digitize and automate processes that help you stay on top of our IT hardware investments helping to 1) reduce costs, 2) improve productivity and 3) minimize electronic waste. By leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform with Microsoft Teams supported by an AI copilot assistant, help achieve your IT organizational goals by using the template "as-is" or customize it further to meet your local business requirements.

Key capabilities include:
  • Hardware Request Power App - allows your employees to request hardware and see the assets currently assigned to them
  • Hardware Management Power App - allowing your program administrators to manage hardware budget, request fulfillment, asset lifecycle management and a 360 degree view of your organization's hardware management behavior
  • Dashboards & Analytics - interactive dashboards to manage request volume and embedded Power BI to see insights and trends
  • Microsoft Teams & M365 Integration - native embedded approvals in both Teams and Outlook and chat notifications as request process milestones are completed
  • Copilot - AI power assistant to allow a program administrator to help manage the organization's hardware data

Access the documentation here to learn more and help guide you through installing and deploying the solution.