TeamViewer Remote Support for Dynamics 365

TeamViewer GmbH

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Are you looking for a Remote Desktop solution for your Dynamics 365 Environment?

The TeamViewer integration in MS Dynamics enables customer support agents and sales representatives to remotely connect with customers to solve issues, guide customers through a task or showcase how a product would work on their environment.

As an integrated service, all user actions can be performed from within the MS Dynamics console, without having to leave the Dynamics environment and setup a different tool. The user flow is fully customized (with supporter notifications and connection reports). Moreover, the integration also includes tools - e.g. companywide reports and configurable dashboards - for the admins to audit the use of the remote access feature within a company and assess the performance improvements.

Why do customers trust TeamViewer?

•        Cross-platform compatibility

•        Worldwide availability

•        Translations in over 30 languages

•        Fully encrypted connections and state of the art security

•        Fully embedded integration in Dynamics365

•        Over 2 billion installations worldwide

•        Intuitive user interface (UI)