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Associated Press style-checking for Microsoft Office.

StyleGuard is an innovative proofing tool that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office. It provides the power of certainty while you write.

Features include:

• Your documents are checked automatically as you type.

• Each proposed correction is clearly highlighted in the document and shows you the corresponding AP Stylebook¹ rule, so you always know why a correction was identified.

• Easy-to-understand features are similar to other proofing tools, including Ignore All, Change, Change All and Add Comment.

• Automatically highlight any words with associated information in the AP Stylebook¹. Simply click those words to see the information.

• Users can easily install multiple collections², with the ability to turn on/off specific collections and search for specific rules.

• The full contents of the AP Stylebook¹, directly available in Word as you type.

• The StyleGuard Client and all collections are automatically updated³. Changes to AP Stylebook¹ rules or information are immediately reflected in StyleGuard.

StyleGuard users represent a diverse group of individual and corporate customers. Our clients include students, freelancers, private institutions, small to large corporations and the media. By incorporating StyleGuard’s advanced style-checking capabilities with Microsoft Office spelling and grammar, our customers can publish with confidence that their content is free of errors.

¹ AP Stylebook features requires a paid subscription to AP StyleGuard:

² Additional free collections, like Chemicals, only becomes available once you sign up for a paid subscription.

³ Requires internet connection. The StyleGuard Client is loaded from an online service. Rules and collections are downloaded and updated from the same online service.


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