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SlideHub helps organizations win more business with an organized central asset library across M365

SlideHub is an Asset Management Platform that helps you win more business with an organized central library. The library enables users to find brand compliant and up-to-date content in seconds across all Microsoft 365.

Download this PowerPoint add-in to quickly access your company assets directly in PowerPoint and to unlock the benefits of the platform:

➊ Find content in seconds: Your colleagues will find on-brand content in seconds with fast and powerful search

➋ Control versioning and permissions: Help your colleagues use the latest up-to-date materials

➌ Organize and update in seconds: Update slides that are in multiple presentations in one place

➍ Grow via end-user suggestion: Let your team suggest slides but remain in control

➎ Works everywhere: Access your on-brand assets wherever you work

Please note that the use of this add-in requires an existing account. If you’d like to explore the benefits further and see the platform in action get in contact with our Sales team via this link:


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