Docubird for Outlook

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Docubird is the Microsoft 365 add-in for smart document management

Docubird for Outlook provides access to SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Teams directly from Windows Outlook, Mac Outlook, mobile and the Outlook Web App. You can save emails and attachments to SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Teams directly from the email client. Specify metadata and required properties to accurately classify a document or email for easy retrieval later.



  • Promotes the adoption of SharePoint Online and Office 365.

  • Easy access to SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Teams from the location where people spend their work time makes it simple to accurately classify and share emails and attachments with colleagues.

  • Get the value out of your Microsoft 365 investment by ensuring employees and business processes are working optimally.

  • Reduce chaos around documents by sharing document links instead of attachments, this ensures everyone is working on the same version of a document or email.

  • Increases productivity significantly, perform SharePoint document sharing tasks six times faster by having all collaboration tools in one screen.

  • Reduce email storage space, sharing document links instead of email attachments significantly reduces email storage space.

  • Prevents data leakage, email recipients can only open documents they are authorized in.

Product features


  • Upload emails or attachments directly from Outlook to SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Teams. Full integration of SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Teams means users can accurately categorize emails. Users are prompted to provide the required metadata before uploading documents.

  • Share document links instead of attachments, share emails or attachments by sending document links to colleagues via email. Sharing documents, emails or attachments from Outlook make it easy to focus on what's important. Plus, with document links, everyone is working on the same version of the document, email or attachment.

  • Simplify navigation, attach locations for frequently used folders, libraries, sites and channels. To save time and effort, save attachments to pinned locations for easy access.

  • Treat emails as documents, store email messages or attachments along with important documents in a central SharePoint Online, OneDrive or Teams location.

  • Find information at lightning speed, Docubird for Outlook enables you to find and share information in a targeted way using advanced metadata search screens.

Please note:

You will need Microsoft 365, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online for this plug-in. Docubird for Outlook is free to provision through the Microsoft Office store, after registration a subscription will be required.


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