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Analyse and manage data GDPR compliant in a flash within Excel!

ZIPPYDOC - Unique and advanced functionality for Excel

The ZIPPYDOC Excel Add-In..

- Saves you time and money on data analysis tasks

- Lets you dive into the world of data analytics even without previous knowledge

- Provides you with a platform to find solutions to your data management/analytics challenges

- Gives you easy access to information as a knowledge platform

- Enables you to gain more accurate insights by integrating AI into Excel

The ZIPPYDOC Excel Add-in expands the functionality of Excel on the one hand with pre-programmed, easy-to-perform functions, and on the other hand with the possibility of commissioning database specialists to analyse your data. Thus, complex data analyses can be performed without prior knowledge and without leaving the Excel application.

ZIPPYDOC also allows you to automate recurring analyses and provides dynamic data on a wide range of topics, such as worldwide holidays, nutritional value tables or population figures. This data can be incorporated into the automated analysis process, producing dynamic results that meet the demands of the digital age for speed and accuracy of results.

In addition, the ZIPPYDOC Excel Add-in enables the secure exchange of information between colleagues and external companies, as well as simple work with sensitive data. Individually adjustable access rights make it possible to protect company secrets at cell, row and/or column level and collaborate on selected table sections. Document security is increased by making it transparent who accesses a data set, when and to what extent. Thus, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection regulations is possible for the first time in Excel.

Essential functions at a glance:

- Lightning-fast analyses of your data

- Have database specialists that create an individual solution at your fingertips

- Automate recurring analyses

- Collaborate with others in a privacy compliant way

- Get access to a wide range of content such as nutritional tables or global holidays

- Limit the table sections your colleagues can view

- Make GDPR compliance easy

What distinguishes the ZIPPYDOC Add-in from other analysis tools?

- Can be used directly in Excel

- No data analysis expertise required

- Support from database or Python experts

- Access to a range of content

- Focus on data protection compliant work

- Usage-based pricing model

To use the add-in, so-called points are required, which can be purchased on our website. At the start of the add-in, each user has 100 points free.


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