Scrive for Sharepoint Online

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E-sign documents directly from SharePoint Online - bridge the final gap to 100% paperless operations

Send, sign and archive documents directly from SharePoint Online. Automate your document workflows, improve data quality and deliver a great customer experience.

Drive operational efficiency and eliminate manual steps, including follow-up tasks like: “Did they receive the document? Have they opened it yet? Signed it? Returned it?” Scrive makes it easy to track and monitor the signing process so you can keep your focus where it belongs.

Key Features:

* Customer experience: Give your customers the convenience and simplicity of Scrive’s premium electronic signature solution.

* Workflow automation: Set up approvals, routing preferences, deadlines, reminders.

* Omnichannel: Sign agreements anywhere, on any device.

* Integrated eID authentication: Add a higher level of authentication for making sure the right person is signing. Scrive supports eIDs throughout the Nordics and a growing number of European countries.

* Built for security and compliance: Industry-leading legal evidence package is securely attached to each signed agreement.

Compatibility Information:

Scrive eSign for SharePoint Online relies on the Scrive eSign service and requires a user license for Scrive eSign Online - try free for 30 days by visiting: