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Create no-code dashboards with interactive visualizations.

Chartnado is a no-code drag and drop dashboard/report builder that can query and visualize data from a wide range of data sources. Built for BI professionals and power users, Chartnado enables quick analysis, reporting and communication of important business data.

+ Modern Visuals - Get modern web graphics with small multiples and powerful conditional formatting.

+ No Code Calculations - Create powerful calculations with graphical building blocks, no code required.

+ Dynamic Parameters - Add modeling and what-if scenarios easily to answer complex business questions.

+ Full Templating - All of the visuals support the creation of customized templates with text, icons, shapes & sparklines.

+ Interactivity - Filter, highlight, drill down and more across your data, diving deeper to achieve insights.

Chartnado is all about data access and presentation. With the ability to directly query a growing array of popular cloud data sources including:

+ Microsoft Azure SQL Server

+ Microsoft Azure Analysis Services

+ Microsoft Azure Data Explorer

+ Microsoft Power BI

+ Microsoft Excel Files

+ Microsoft SharePoint

+ Google Sheets

+ On-premises data sources

+ More data sources coming soon

Chartnado provides an on-premises solution. Your users can safely connect to company data sources without requiring that your data to travel outside corporate boundaries.

Chartnado is also about data visualization. Some key features include a wide array of fully interactive UI components including:

+ Grids

+ Pivot Grids

+ Bar/Column/Line Charts

+ Polar/Radar Charts

+ Pie/Donut Charts

+ Circular/Linear Gauges

+ Cards


+ Funnels

+ Treemaps

+ Sankey diagrams

+ Apple, Azure, Esri, Google, Here, Mapbox & GeoJSON shape maps

All the visuals are completely customizable using conditional formatting. Show/hide data labels, legend items and axis labels. Change fonts/colors based on state and user choices.

Build small multiples of each visual using our cross table. Create a unique chart for each sales region or compare tree maps of sales across territories. Create interactions between visuals allowing users to drill-down, highlight, focus and more.

Chartnado's data frame calculation builder allows the author to concentrate on the business problem, not the code. Build and test your calculations using our drag-and-drop designer, and debug your calculations step by step.

Use what-if scenarios to quickly edit your calculation parameters. Users can change model inputs and adjust parameters to calculate results instantly.

Our support team is here to help you with your calculation & visualization questions, large or small. Get help from directly from the people who build the software.

Chartnado is free to when using Excel files and Google Sheets. Upgrade to one of our paid plans get access to SQL based data sources both in the cloud and on-prem.

If you want to use any of the image map providers (Apple, Azure, Esri, Google, Here, Mapbox) you will need to provide your own map API key for map style customization and image tile billing. Map tile billing is not included with Chartnado.

Come visit [our website]( for more information.


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