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Use centrally managed templates for creating documents and presentations in Microsoft SharePoint.

Our solution for managing templates and text blocks, allows you too quickly and easily create documents and presentations in the correctc corporate style, such as a letter, memo, agenda or report. In addition, you can immediately create content documents, such as quotations, agreements and standard letters. This not only saves you time, but your documents also comply with the corporate style guidelines and you always use the most recent texts. Creating documents in another language is easier than ever. In addition, the user interaction can also be changed to another language.


You can easily use metadata from your SharePoint site in your documents. This ensures that documents within the context of a SharePoint site are automatically provided with the correct data and the metadata can be automatically added to the document. It is also possible to automatically suggest a file name.

Use our dynamic templates

Because layout and content are separate, it is easy to apply changes to your corporate style, contracts, proposal or any other document. At the same time, you can easily create content that is automatically adjusted to comply with your brand. Our solution can handle the use of several organizations, locations, and departments and contains all imaginable employee data, making it easy to personalize all your communication.

One solution

You cannot only use our solution in SharePoint, but you can choose. You can use it within Microsoft Office 2013, 2016 or 2019, Microsoft Teams or Office 365. It's up to you. 

Please note:

This SharePoint app only works in combination with a subscription on  If you don't have a subscription you can create a trial subscription for free.

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